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 Caribbean Association of Georgia is a non- profit organization. We have nine elected board members and seven committee in place to accomplish our goals.


CAG is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of society's most vulnerable, by providing necessary services to the Georgia and Caribbean community. We are committed to also playing a catalytic role in educating, enlightening, empowering, encouraging, inspiring, and informing others.


We realize that the community requires support and involvement from various non-profit organizations to actually improve the welfare of others that are in need. The Caribbean Association of Georgia desires to give back to these communities in various capacities. In order to obtain these goals we strongly rely on the support of the community as well as VOLUNTEERS.






Caribbean Association of Georgia focuses on enhancing the  quality of life of society’s most vulnerable, by providing necessary  services to the Georgia and  Caribbean community. We are committed to also playing a catalytic  role in educating, enlightening, empowering, encouraging, inspiring, and informing others.



Anyone who wishes to become a volunteer of the Caribbean Association of Georgia is encouraged to submit an application.

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